ode to an old friend

Sometimes, the world is a dark place, and you feel like you have nowhere to turn.

Sometimes, you just get sad, for no reason, and it seems that nothing can be done to make things better.

Sometimes, you feel defeated by everything around you, and you wonder if you can even carry on.

But ┬ásometimes, there’s Satco.

and aperture! this is aperture!

I used to ask my mom to send me Satco care packages when I was in college.

If you live in Nashville and haven’t been to Satco before, go there, and then we can be friends.

even their sodas are better. not even kidding.

If you don’t live in Nashville, move here so you can eat here.

If you are from Texas, I don’t care if your Tex-Mex is better. I love you, and I’m sure you have good Tex-Mex, but frankly my darling, I don’t give a damn.

Settle down, it’s a movie quote. You know I care.

That is all for today. See if you can tell what aperture does by looking at these pictures. I had a….low?….aperture for the food pics.



5 thoughts on “ode to an old friend

  1. I work in downtown Nashville directly across the street from the SATCO on Commerce. I have been lunching there regularly for nearly 20 years. I also married a Texan, so I’ve learned to embrace that kind of Tex-Mex. But, nothing … yes, I said it, nothing beats SATCO. Their queso, their fish tacos, their fajita tacos … it’s all amazing. Thank you for writing about it so that the rest of the world will know what they are missing. SATCO should be on everyone’s bucket list! (I disagree with the friend who said their queso is like plastic. I don’t feel that way at all. But maybe that’s because I’ve had El Rey’s queso. Oh, wait. That’s not plastic. That’s Elmer’s glue.)

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