boys will be boys

What is it about animals and dirt?

I parked my car yesterday evening and emerged to this:

Then this:

And then, this:

I mean, come on!

And then he waltzes right on through the yard to the back door, wanting to escort me inside for dinner time.

Boys will be boys.

Speaking of dinner time, I made broiled tomatoes last night, easy and tasty.

I just sliced them in half, drizzled a bit of olive oil, sprinkled parmesan cheese and oregano, a bit of salt and pepper, and stuck them under the broiler for about five minutes.

Done and done. Nice way to fix tomatoes if you have really good ones and want to highlight  the flavor. I served them with quinoa and kale chips (still not over it).

I found a recipe online that uses dijon mustard, but I didn’t have any (who doesn’t have dijon mustard? I know.). Next time.

Stay cool, Nashville.



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7 thoughts on “boys will be boys

  1. Did you hear about the artificial “brain” researchers devised using 16,000 computer processors? They set it up and didn’t program anything into it in terms of…I don’t know what, they just sort of set it up… and then they let it “watch” several days of Youtube to see what it would learn. The idea was to see if it could learn anything without being programmed, which would be a significant indication of artificial intelligence being able to mimic brain function. After several days of watching random youtube videos, do you know what it learned? It learned what a cat was. That was the significant result.

  2. Sounds like the perfect dinner Wesley!!

    Oh and I’ve also wondered why cats seem to like dirt! We have a wonderful cat, Woozle (Natalya’s actually) who does the same thing….thought she was unique…guess not! :) Love your blogs… CO

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