the best accessory

I walked into my living room the other night to find Itty perched poetically on one of my chairs, and I had to take a picture. I sprinted into the other room in case he felt like moving, sprinted back, and luckily he had waited for me. He’s pretty lazy.

Cats are the best accessories. I know not everyone agrees with me, a lot of you are probably dog people, some of you may not even like animals (we can talk later), but I’ve always been a cat person. Always.

And honestly, can you tell me, even if you don’t like cats, that this picture isn’t at least a little bit adorable?

For me, a house isn’t a home until a pet lives there. I grew up with all sorts of pets–cats, dogs, rabbits, ducks, mice, fish, hamsters, turtles, even a few frogs in the mix. We were never without a pet (or five), and I loved most of them probably a little more than I should have. I slept with our cat Zeus in my bed every night for ten years of my life, and I always tell people he was the best friend I ever had.

As I mentioned earlier this week, we have to leave our cat and dog for a year while we live on campus in Boston, and I’m still not sure whether I’ll survive it. Not only will we be without them, they will be without us, and that makes me extra sad because we can’t explain to them that we will be back to get them in a year. I wish I could tell them how much I love them and how much I will miss them while we are gone.

I keep telling myself it’s only a year, and really less than that. I’ve lived without pets before, Ayda and Itty are in good hands, everything is going to be fine. But it’s still hard to imagine not coming home to those faces every evening. I will be relieved when the first year is over and they join us in Boston.

Well, look whose ears were burning.

You’re a cute accessory too, Ayda.

What about you, are you a dog person or a cat person? How do your pets make your house feel like a home? Have you ever left your pets before? If so, I need some advice on how to cope! I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.


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6 thoughts on “the best accessory

  1. Wesley! Thank you for commenting on my blog the other day!! I just read some of your posts and have some thoughts:

    1) Have you read The Lucky One by Nicolas Sparks? Or seen the movie. I did the former and the star of the book is not a person but the dog! A German Shepherd named Zeus ironically enough. I don’t typically read chicklit but I was stranded recently in an airport… I had no choice! And loved it :)
    2) That is so so so exciting that yall are moving to Boston!! I get nervous about the “north” because my hubby is from upstate NY and I’m scared we will end up there one day, but for some reason, I definitely would live in Boston! It is such a cool, historic city. I have a good friend there (her husband will be a 2nd year business student) if you need friends.
    3) So cool that your husband is going to seminary! That is awesome. I am an PK so grew up listening to my dad preach. I was and am proud of him, as I’m sure you will be so proud of Marshall!

    Ok that’s all — I’m excited to follow your Boston adventures.

    Carey Beth

    Ps. what was your maiden name? I know it’s a random question, but I can’t remember…

    • That is so funny about the German shepherd named Zeus! I’ll definitely put that on my reading list. We’re super excited about moving to Boston, and seminary! I’m glad you hopped over here. And my maiden name is Hughes!

  2. Wesss I am so sorry for you about your pets. You KNOW I feel you re: cats and animals in general! The good news is, they’re incredibly forgiving and have a short memory span (lucky), so after a few weeks reunited it will be like it never happened! Loved this post. xoxo

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