look at nashville go!

I can’t help but notice that Nashville has been popular lately. One more article in the New York Times and they’ll have to start a Nashville section. Have y’all seen these? They are pretty cool. Bad time to be leaving the city, I guess. I’ll still always call it home.

Remember my post about Barista Parlor? Well, the Times must have gotten ahold of it because they decided to copy me! I hate it when that happens.

This was after last month’s article about the “East Nashville Food Scene,” which is really the all of Nashville food scene, but we’ll let it slide, because they’re not from around here.

And around the same time, GQ decided to re-name our city to “Nowville,” which is quite clever, and apparently appropriate!

Of course Catbird Seat is getting press, they’re all over the place these days. It’s only a mention, but as it says, they’re “buzzed about.”

And yet again, my butcher friends get some love from Garden and Gun. They’re going places, these guys. Hopefully not away from Nashville.

People love us!

And we love people, too! Enough to open a coffee shop that gives away its profits to help people in need. Remember my post about Blood:Water Mission? Well, this coffee shop (accurately named The Well) is giving some of its profits to that organization, which makes me love it even more. I can’t wait to see it. It will take some pep talking to get me into that Green Hills traffic, but I’m determined to make it.

I’m proud of you, Nashville.



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